That says: "The saddest data point revealed by the DMED data is the number of servicemembers who were sexually sterilized by the COVID shots. 11,748 women and 8,365 men became sterile after Joe Biden forced them to take these experimental shots. That’s 20,113 people who volunteered to serve their country, who will never be able to have children now. Another 4,086 female servicemembers now have ovarian dysfunction, so they also may or may not be able to have children."

Gee it's almost like gonacon and pzp are being employed in an effort to save planet earth from our 385,000 new babies per day, in a compassionate attempt to do the job without having to resort to more wars or managed famines to cull the herd, but we know that can't be the case because it would require a program that contains deception. We know conspiracies don't exist. Just think of all the people who would have to be in on it telling fibs. So therefore obviously santa claus is real too.

The page above is referring to the other database aside from VAERS, the military database, which has now been censored.

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